Unfortunate news


I have the sad duty to report that our storage unit at Silo XL Storage, which housed some of our Lodge property, was involved in a fire over the weekend. This unit, containing a few pieces of furniture from downtown and things from both lodges to be gone through, was in the center of a block of units involved in the fire. There’s no indication of what caused it yet but the fire department is investigating.

Please keep the First Responders who helped put out the fire in your thoughts–they did everything they could and right now I don’t know what the extent of the damage is or if anything belonging to us was salvageable or saved.

At the moment, given the nature of the situation, I’m referring the whole matter to the Lodge Trustees; please give them the space, time, opportunity, and patience they will require to handle it.

Remember, too, that Masonry is not about “things”. We are blessed to have a historical record that spans back to 1791, but what our Lodge is all about is brotherhood and friendship under an ever-watchful eye of God. No power this side of heaven can sever the bond of fraternal friendship we have with each other, and we remain eternally blessed to be Brothers.

Yours fraternally,

Jack Lenzer
Worshipful Master