Answer the Call…by Making One

In a world of social distancing, it’s very easy to feel disconnected from Freemasonry. The sense of togetherness, of brotherhood, of “being a part” of something…it can feel like it’s worlds away.

When the Masonic Lodge meetings were suspended in Ohio, I felt the need to keep connected with my brothers and fellows. So the Master and Wardens decided we’d start calling brethren to see how they’re doing.

N. C. Harmony has members all over the United States, so it’s no surprise that my calls had a plethora of area codes. Some brethren were delighted to hear from their mother Lodge, and I fielded many questions about how so-and-so Brother was doing, asking if I remembered a past Master, or just hearing a tale about Lodge activities from years ago.

I started to think to myself: I should do this more often.

My goal was to call 5 Masons a day. Some days this was rough, but I succeeded more often than I failed. And I got through a lot of the names on our Lodge roster. I also called people in my District, my Scottish Rite valley, and other masons I’ve met along my journey.

I connected with past Masters. Friends of friends. Spouses of deceased brethren. I especially enjoyed calling my Masonic grandpa, Charlie Marrs, and seeing how he’s doing.

I issue this challenge to any Masons who read this: call 5 Masons every week. That’s 1 Mason a day with two days to spare! Call Masons you know well. Call Masons you don’t know well. Call Masons you haven’t seen in a long time. Just call Masons…and remind them how important they are, and that the Fraternity, and the world, is all the better for them being a part of it.

Calling Brethren, and connecting with members both near and far, is important to strengthening the bonds of brotherly love. It reminds us how important each member is, and that though they may be far from our Lodge’s doorstep they are never far from our thoughts and hearts.